So our Sound Souvenirs 100 campaign has come to an end and we have our all time top 10 tracks that truly deserve to be preserved forever more. With mp3HD, the lossless music format, that is the perfect digital technology to retain the audio quality, to enjoy now and in the future.

We’d like to thank all of our musical ambassadors for their selections and support. We hope you’ve all enjoyed learning about their favourite music and why they feel each track should be preserved forever more.

So the time has come to reveal who is our Sound Souvenirs champion…

We looked at both the top number of votes and the highest rated set of tracks within our chart and although Andy Wilson had 3 tracks in our top 10, Pola narrowly beat him, receiving both the most votes and the highest rating in the top 100.

Congratulations to Pola, on being crowned our Sound Souvenirs Champion.

However with such an excellent selection we felt it only fair to award several more accolades. Therefore Andy Wilson wins the top 10 award with 3 of entries chosen by you. Ian Munco wins the Number 1 award for his selection Maggie May receiving the most number of votes, Virgine Berger wins the Tweet award for the most tweeted selection and Jim Gellatly receives the most interesting selection for his Scottish inspired top 10 (his Franz Ferdinand track narrowly missing out on a place in the top 10).

Sound Souvenir Champion Top 10 Award Number 1 Award Tweets Award Selection Award
Pola Andy Wilson Ian Munro Virginie Berger Jim Gellatly

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To learn more about our Sound Souvenirs campaign, read our 1st post explaining what it’s all about.

After weeks of looking, listening, promoting and supporting, we can now reveal our top 10 tracks as voted by you. With a wide selection of musical styles, our top 10 is a great reflection of the audio capabilities of the mp3HD format and its ability to create a true sound souvenir of each track.

It would seem we prefer a romantic rock ballad above all else, followed by a modern piece of indie pop and a rock classic from the 70s picked for its romantic and uplifting overtones. Clearly we prefer music that touches the heart.

Congratulations to Andy Wilson, Doctor Popular, Ian Munro, Pola and Jack Pop for getting their selections into the chart and a thank you for their promotion of their musical choices.

We’re doing a count-back to work out which is the highest scoring ambassador across the whole 100, but with 3 in our top 10, Andy Wilson is looking good.

Andy Wilson is a DJ, a dance DJ, a radio DJ, an Ibizan DJ but whatever label you give him, he’s a lover of quality music and music quality whatever the musical genre. In fact his move from club DJ to radio was as a result of wanting to play a wider spectrum of music.

His selection for Sound Souvenirs ranges from Marvin Gaye to The Orb from Sister Sledge to the Stone Roses. It includes club classics, punk gems, the early days of hip hop, and classic poprock.

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Bernhard Grill is mentioned in Wikipedia as one of the engineers who created the original mp3 audio format. Therefore he can readily claim he helped change the course of music and help usher in a digital revolution. It’s a pleasure to hear his musical selection and gain insight into why he thinks his 10 masterpieces should be preserved with the mp3HD format.

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Doctor Popular is a Nerdcore artist, and innovator and professional yo-yoer. He loves music, he’s always listening and has many favourites. Finding his 10 tracks to preserve proved quite a challenge as he explains here.

His selection ranges from Mika to Aphex Twin to Stan Getz to Limousines.

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